The Jinan strong victory photoelectricity instrument limited company had been established in 2001, this company is for the adaption socialist market economy development request, with in the establishment modern enterprise system foundation, starts an undertaking take the science and technology as the new modernized private enterprise which the goal but establishes. We positively respond the national initiative the development private sector policy, and in original Jinan medical optics instrument plant technology engineer a high new enterprise which reorganizes for in the secondary roles foundation.
  This company has the modern enterprise system the characteristic, the collection design, the development, the manufacture and the sale is a body, produces a higher quality product take the market economy as the instruction, the leading product includes: XSP, the XSB series biology microscope, the XT series, the body regard the microscope, at the same time, also developed one kind of new microscope -BX series microscope in October, 2002, but also had each kind of model the fluorescence microscope, the product widely applies in profession and so on farming and animal husbandry, electron, chemical industry, teaching, scientific research, at the same time the product also applied in the medical scientific research department, used in being engaged in the biology, the bacterium study, the pharmaceutical chemistry and so on, also obtained the very good use at clinical experimental and the universities and technical institutes colleges and universities demonstration teaching aspect.
  The enterprise focuses on the international market, product best-selling west Asia, African as well as western many developing nations, at the same time bases on the domestic market, product best-selling each place.
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